Sunday, June 14, 2009

Karalapakstan Blog - Note from the Editor Vance Painter

Welcome to my Karakalpak - Karakalpakstan Blog. I am an Australian Engineer with a long association with Western Uzbekistan first living in Nukus/Kungrad in 1998/99 when I worked with MSF - Holland. I started the blog when I was still living in Karakalpstan in 2008 with my wife Dilbar and our little boy Russel and have continued since returning to Australia.

I have a deep interest in the nature, history and culture of Karakalpakstan and other parts of North Western Uzbekistan. In addition to the focus on Karakalpakstan I have also sought to find interesting information to publish about neighbouring area of Khoresm and northern Turkmenistan and other areas linked to the lower Amu Darya along the great Silk Road. Please enjoy the blog, and feel free to add comments and suggestions, all are welcome.

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