Friday, April 23, 2010


Photo: Uzbekistan Airways Aircraft lined up at Tashkent Airport

Uzbekiston Havo Yullary (Uzbekistan Airways) serves as the backbone of air transportation services in Uzbekistan and is among the largest airlines services in the CIS. Uzbekistan Airways began operations in 1992 and controls passenger and cargo services to more than fifty destinations throughout the world. One of the many successor airlines to the Soviet national carrier Aeroflot with a history dating back 80 years.

Uzbekistan Airways fleet include the Airbus A300-600RF - Cargo ; Airbus A310-300 ; Avro RJ85 ; Boeing 757-200 ; Boeing 767-300ER ; Ilyushin Il-76 - Cargo ; Ilyushin Il-114 ; Tupolev Tu-154 ; Antonov 24 and the Yak 40. It also has one of the most developed airline services bases in the CIS as Uzbekistan has an advanced aircraft industry. The Ilyushin Il-76 and Ilyushin Il-114 are both assembled in Tashkent.                  Tu-154


It also has a fleet of Airbus-310, Boeing 767 and 757 aircraft for its international long haul routes. 
Boeing 757

Uzbekistan Airways services eleven airports in Uzbekistan, five of which have international status. It travels to destinations in North America, Middle East, South East Asia, East Asia, Western Europe and the CIS.



Uzbekistan Airways Technics provides technical services for all its own aircraft and aircraft engines. Including line and base maintenance for the 757/767, A310, RJ-85 aircraft, including C4-check, IL-check, SBs, structure program; also can overhaul Il-62M, Il-76(TD), Il-114 and An-2 aircraft.

Photo: UAT Tashkent