Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uzbek Pomegranite and Onion Salad - Anor va Piyoz Salati

Anor va Piyoz Salati - Pomegranate and Onion Salad

Ingredients -
2 onions, peeled and sliced
One large sized pomegranate, pared
Salt to taste
1 tsp of pepper
1 tbsp of vinegar

Place finely chopped onions in a bowl and wash 2–3 times in hot water and drop into a sieve. Take the pared pomegranate and separate half into kernels (arlis) and the other half crush to make sour pomegranate juice. Mix with with the white onion slices and top with an onion rosette, in which a few extra kernels (arlis) are placed and pour on a little sour juice. Edge the dish with onion rings.

If onions are too bitter then put them in cold water for a while, then pour out all the liquid and combine with vinegar and salt. After add in pepper and pomegranate and mix together all ingredients.

Serve and enjoy!

“Anor va piyozli salat” is usually served as a garnish for plov, shashlik and other meat dishes. Very good for digestion.

Editor Note: Pomegranates are one of those special fruits that are stunning to look at, appear in many historical depictions of still lifes going back hundreds of years because of their appearance and color, and by just sprinkling a few pomegranate arils on a dish you make it taste and look a lot better.

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