Tuesday, November 27, 2012

500 So'm 2011 UNC Commemorative: 20th Anniversary of Uzbekistan's Independence

On September 1, 2011 the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan  put out a commemorative coins of 500 (five hundred) som into circulation devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the independence of the state of Uzbekistan.

The coins are made of steel coated with a nickel alloy. Shape is round.The edge is plain. The diameter of the coin is - 25.0 mm., Thickness - 1.6 mm., Weight - 6.0 gm.

On the front side (obverse) the coin shows in the center the "Palace of international symposia" in Tashkent. Below the building is the denomination of the coin in two lines, "500" and "so'm" in the Latin alphabet. The denomination is incuse. On the outer edge of the coin in Latin capitals is the inscription "O'ZBEKISTON MUSTAQILLIGIGA 20 YIL". The beginning and end of the legend is marked by a convex point.

On the reverse side (reverse) of the coin is the emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with the legend in the Latin alphabet "O'ZBEKISTON MARKAZIY BANKI". Under the emblem in the center is the year of issue "2011", between two convex points.

On the reverse side of the coin around the coat of arms is a circle of 72 points.

Acceptance at face value of the 500 som coin, along with notes and coins in circulation, is obligatory without restriction.

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