Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beruni Marble

Mining of construction materials: gabbroamphibolites (decorative and facing material) and marble of various colours is conducted in Beruniy Rayon.
There are three main deposits of marble near Beruniy.

The first is in Aktauskoe 40 km to the northwest from Beruniy  - Grey, medium-grained granodiorite. Granodiorite from Beruni is used as ornamental stone.Output of blocks is 34,6%, plates - 13,4 m2/m3. Reserves 2442 thousand m3.

The second is at Kakhralysaiskoe 40 km to the northwest from Beruni - White-grey, pink, honey-yellow marble. Output of blocks is 24,7%,plates – 12 m2/m3 with reserves of 1675 thousand m3.

Photo: Beruniy marble 

And finally Beruniyskoe 47 km to the north-west from the Beruni - Marble and marmorised limestone for ornamental rock crushed stone production. This is a valuable raw material for sculpture and decorative lining and facing. Reserves 2128 thousand m3.
hoto: Uzbek marble  is of high quality and was used in the facades of the Tashkent and Moscow subway system.

Photo: A marble capital from the
 5-4 c.AD (found in the mountains
of Sultanwizdag, Beruny region).


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