Thursday, September 11, 2014


Lagman Soup         


1. Lagman - This is a spicy, meaty broth filled with chunks of lamb, handspun noodles, and vegetables.
Chuchvara Soup


2. Chachvara - A soup in which small dumplings are boiled in salt water or bouillon and served with sour milk (“suzma”) and seasoned with pepper, onion, tomato paste, black pepper, and sour cream. Known also as Pelmeni a favourite throughout Central Asia and the CIS.
Wedding Pilaf (Plov)


3. Plov - The national dish Plov is a mixture of rice, chunks of meat, grated carrots and onions, and sometimes raisins (with cloves of roasted garlic). Traditionally cooked in a Kazan over an open fire. Can be used to feed large numbers of people popular at Weddings and other festivities. 



4.  Manty - Steamed dumplings sprinkled with dill and served with sour cream. Meat, spices, or vegetables can be used as a filling.


5. Samsa - A triangular dough pastry that’s baked in a tandoor oven so that the bread is somehow both crunchy and super-soft. Can be filled with a variety of things, including ground lamb, herbs, or pumpkin.
Achichuk Salad 
6. Salat Achichuk - This dish made up of thinly sliced tomatoes and onions seasoned with spices.


7. Naryn - The dish is composed of hand-spun noodles and boiled jerk meat, served with minced onions and black pepper. Traditionally, it is made with horse-meat.



8. Shurpa - A soup made out of fatty meat (usually mutton) and fresh garden vegetables like tomato, carrot, and slices onions. There are two versions: Kaytnama (made from fresh meat) and Kovurma (made from fried meat).


9. Dimlama - A hearty stew made of meat, potatoes, onions, vegetables and sometimes fruit and  is always sprinkled with dill.



10. Kutabi - Flatbread, and these are deep-fried and served with either meat or vegetables inside.



Kebab (Shaslik)
11. Shaslik - Chunks of lamb, chicken, or lyulya (a mix of mutton and spices) served on steel skewers and topped with more slices of raw onion than you ever thought you’d encounter. It’s often served with Adjika- a bright red, spicy sauce made from hot red peppers.

Tea and Sweets

12. Tea and Sweets- Uzbek tea comes in a wide assortment of green, black, and herbal varieties, and is served with Sweets or nuts.

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