Saturday, March 21, 2015

Unique wall inscriptions found in Karakalpakstan at Akshahan-kala near Beruni

Unique wall inscriptions have been found in Karakalpakstan by the Karakalpak-Australian archeological expedition  at Akshahan-kala near Beruniy Archaeologists discovered 12 meters of surface-preserved walls with paintings. Also for the first time during the work on the monument a large number of inscriptions on ancient Khorezm Aramaic script language have been found.

Over the past few years ongoing archaeological and topographical studies of the ancient Tashkyrman oasis opened mound Kazakly-yatkan (Akshahan-kala) in Beruniy District of Karakalpakstan has provided information of global significance.

The temple settlement Cazaclia-yatkan (Akshahan-kala) referred to III-II centuries BC. The portraits found, according to scientists, depicts Khorezm kings of a previously unknown dynasty. There is speculation that the town was one of the first capitals of the ancient Khorezm state, and church is the sanctuary of the dynasty of kings of ancient Khorezm. The studies have revelled that settlements of the nomadic pastoral tribes of Aral and Caspian Sea have existed since at least the VI-VII centuries BC.

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