Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SamAuto Bus and Truck Factory

SamAuto, originally Samarkand Automobile Factory (Uzbek:Samarqand avto zavodi) is a bus and truck venture located in Samarkand. It currently produces four (4) models of buses and five (5) truck models, some of which are exported.The SamAuto plant first started production of medium-capacity buses and small and medium-duty trucks in 1999.

The SamAuto lineup includes basic models in the small class SAZ NP 37 chassis Japanese Isuzu, low-floor bus of small class SAZ LE-60, Isuzu trucks and other special vehicles on the chassis of Isuzu. It has recently launched a production line for Ford cargo trucks.

On July 30, 2016 SAMAuto produced its 25,000th vehicle in the Samarkand Automobile Factory (SAF), the anniversary vehicle was a LE60 low-floor bus used for passenger transport on city routes.

The SamAuto LE 60 uses a Cummins 4ISBe4 185B engine with capacity of 4.5 litres, which meets "Euro-4" environmental standards . The length of the bus is 8 meters long and weighs 10.2 tons. It is a low-floor bus, with 56 seats. It was designed in conjunction with the Russian company "Ermis engineering".

SamAuto buses and trucks are commonly seen all over Uzbekistan including the streets of Nukus.


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