Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chorsu Bazar

Chorsu bazaar is probably Central Asia`s most famous market, topped by a giant turquoise dome, located between the modern and the old city of Tashkent next to the medieval Kulkedash madrassah and Tashkent’s principal Juma (Friday) mosque.

It is a wonderful place to discover local life, its amazing to stroll about the bazaars, either bargaining with the shopkeepers, or sitting on the thresholds and looking at the labours of the artisans, or watching the trade that is going on. 
Under the huge turquoise cupola you will see continuous stalls where the farmers sell their fresh products. The atmosphere of the whole bazaar is covered by aromas and flavours of herbs and spices which are arranged in brightly coloured mounds as are nuts, seeds and sweets, also stack of varieties of bread and other sweetmeats. Visitors will be amazed by the abundance and variety of the fresh fruits and vegetables. 

During the summer season there are mountains of tasty watermelons and melons, scores of potatoes, onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, chilies, pomegranates, persimmons and many other vegetables and whatever fruits are in season.

There is  also a row of workshops under small domes.
Inside, craftsmen make and sell their works: jewellery and gold embroidery; sanduk - dowry chests with metal decorations; beshik - painted cradles ; embroidered suzanes - thin tapestries and jiyak - lace for trimming the lower edges of women's wide trousers; chapan - men's and yashmak - women's quilted cloaks; kurpacha - colourful mattresses,  and pichok - knives in leather or brass sheaths; wicker baskets and trays and a variety of traditional musical instruments. There are also workshops of tinsmiths and blacksmiths, carpenters and wood-carvers. There are shoe stores and handicraft shops, stalls that sell traditional clothes and row after row of stalls selling national tyuboteyka, the traditional Uzbek men’s cap. You’ll also find many choykhana or ‘tea houses’ where you can stop to have a hot tea and shashlyk kebabs. You will find carpets from all over and you can't help remembering that you are in the very heart of the Silk Road.

Source: Various (Ed)