Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Road Trip Tashkent to Nukus

Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara: It is a 625 km from Tashkent to via Qarsi. Generally 80 km/h average except in built up areas with lower speed and greater caution required on Samarkand Qarshi sector due to winding hilly roads. Alternative route from Samarkand via Navoi a shorter distance around 440km and faster speeds possible than going through scenic route via Shahrisabz and Qarshi.

Bukhara – Khiva - Nukus:  It is a 460km to Khiva from Bukhara and a further 200km onto Nukus. The first 70km is slow however after that there is a new road all the way to Turtkul followed by more slow conditions onto Urgench and Khiva. The road however is being upgraded over last year or so, and so now I expected it to be better. Sand drifts in desert sector always an issue. Can do around 60Km/hr  on average most of the way.

(ED: Any comments on current road conditions or other relevant information welcome below).