Monday, October 12, 2009

Qarataw Vodka

People in Karakalpakstan are very proud of their Vodka which is reputedly one of the best in Uzbekistan.Vodka is sold in half litre bottles (sometimes 250gm) and also see below in 1.25 litre display bottles.

Qarataw Vodka

Toasting is an important part of Karakalpak Culture. Every guest takes his turn as toast master. The toast master stands up, his glass of vodka in hand and delivers a short speech, which ideally includes the following elements: thank you to the host, praise of the host or special celebrant/s (wedding/birthday), something witty or from the heart, and best wishes to the toastee their family and for all at the table for long life, good health and prosperity.

Then everybody clinks their glasses in the centre of the table or if a large gathering around the table. If you are drinking a decent sip will do, however in a direct toast you are expected not leave anything in your glass. When drinking at a celebration it is best to rapidly lay into a strong foundation of bread and cheese since the first toast usually will be given within minutes.

In many households in Karakalpakstan vodka is also an essential part for dinner, especially meat dishes. The other  most common brand is No'kis also made in the same distillery.

1.25 litres Qarataw Vodka

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  1. A few hints on how to make good Vodka

    There are a few ways to distill at home and make vodka with a high percent of alcohol.

    Distillation is carried out by heating a mash and trapping the vapors.

    Vodka can be made from the practical any starch plant, it just needs to ferment and be distilled. Most vodka is made from potatoes and grains. Vodka can also be made from molasses, grapes, and sugar beets and even by products of oil refining and even wood pulp processing.

    Good Vodka should have no dirt or other foreign particles (which will change the flavor). It should have a correct mash creation. Different ingredients require different mashing styles. Always use the highest quality ingredients and if possible natural spring water.

    Filtering (purification) process brings vodka to its highest quality - smooth and pure. Remember always discard the first and last milliliters of alcohol you distill as it contains methanol - which is dangerous (you can go blind or worse!).