Friday, October 30, 2009

Neighbouring Regions of Karakalpakstan - Navoi

Navoi city is located 347 m. above sea level, on the left bank of the Zaravshan River 360 km. southwest of Tashkent (400 km.). Navoi city is the center of Navoi region.Most of the province is covered by the vast Kyzyl-kum desert. The population in 2004 was 825,000 people living in eight administrative districts with the main centres of population being Navoi City, Uchkuduck and Zerafshan.

The Navoi region like Khoresm and Bukhara also adjoins the Republic of Karakalpakstan

"Navoi" is named after the great Uzbek poet, philosopher and statesman Alisher Navoi and has a total area of 110 800 sq km or some 24,8% of the total land area of Uzbekistan.

Navoi today is one of the most industrially developed regions of Uzbekistan the economy being based on large mining, metallurgical and chemical industries. Including the Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Complex, OJSC “Navoiazot” the “JV JSC “Electrochemical factory” and JSC “Qyzylkumcement” (both centres of chemical production), JSC “UPP” (Construction materials), and OJSC "Navoi" (electric power). Currently there are some 40 industrial joint enterprises operating in Navoi with companies from China, Russia and South Korea predominating.

The agriculture sector is also important and includes the growing of cotton, grains, vegetables, watermelons, viticulture, astrakhan sheep and silkworms. There are also a number of food processing and textile plants.

Transport infrastructure is well developed: there are 8 rail stations, 3 airports and 4100km of developed roads. Navoi Airport is also now a major cargo hub for the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Sites to Visit
Whilst it does not have so many historical monuments as its neighbours its two parks Yujniy (South park)  is the favourite places among tourists and citizens.  Stadium, swimming pool and cinemas are located in this area. 

Near the City of Navoi in the town of Karmana is the beautiful Mirsaid Bahrom and Hanak Kasim Shayh mausoleums complexes, dating back to X-XVI centuries also nearby these are the ruins of Rabati Malik caravan-saray (XI century) once on the silk road.Also on the way to the town of Nurat (75 km away from Navoi town) is an ancient blacksmith forge from 15 c., and a system of wells dating to Middle ages.

In Nurat itself are found the ruins of the prayer house of Shaihul Nuri and the Spanjvakta Mosque built in 1582 by Emir Abdullah. The town also hosts the famous holy site "The Chashma mineral Springs". The Kasim Sheik mausoleum (X—XI centuries) is also located near the city.

Nearby to Nurat are the beautiful and stark Nurat mountains in which many ancient rock inscriptions exist, dating to the bronze era which alone are worth coming to Navoi to visit. Numerous ancient rock paintings of people in strange clothes, some of which can be interpreted as images of "ancient astronauts" are found Sarmish gorge which is recognized as the largest canyon rock art gallery in the world. About four thousand of petroglyphs, which are engraved on the black shale are found in the area.

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