Sunday, April 11, 2010


Uzbekistan Pochtasi (Post Office) issued a series  postal stamps “Great Silk Road -Historic Monuments” for circulation on the 9th October 2009.

Old City of Khiva

The series of postal stamps were prepared in postal blocks and two postal stamps.

Samarkand  Gate Bukhara

The stamps illustrated architectural monuments of the cities, which were part of the Great Silk Road in 11th-19th centuries.

One stamp of postal block illustrates Samarkand Gate (11th c., Bukhara) another displays mausoleum of Shaikh Hovandi Tohur (14th-15th c., Tashkent) and the last shows general view of the Old city (Khiva). Each stamp shows a "Camel or a Camel caravan" which serve as an emblem for the Silk Road.
Shaikh Hovandi Tohur - Toshkent

Uzbekistan also issued a set of 6 postage stamps on 17 August 2009 to mark the 2200th Anniversary of Tashkent including one showing the Great Silk Way.

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