Monday, December 2, 2013

Recommended Tourism Videos of Uzbekistan

Please find a number of  video links I have found promoting Uzbekistan Tourism. Please note that these video are in no particular order or company/travel agency (it is a selection only) . Please feel free to add suggestions of other travel videos particularly those covering Karakalpakstan and other areas of Western Uzbekistan to the comments field below - Thank you ED.

Uzbek Arts Handicrafts and Food - Advantour

Tashkent Sights - Central Asia Travel

Uzbekistan the Heart of Central Asia - Travels Mantra

Tour of Samarkand, Uzbekistan - FlightTravels

Holy Bukhara - Advantour

Khiva Attractions - Advantour

Samarkand - City of Amir Temur - Advantour

Cities of Uzbekistan - Advantour

Tashkent - The Capital of Uzbekistan - Advantour

Bukhara, Uzbekistan Travel Guide - Geobeats

National Food of Uzbekistan

Visit Karakalpakstan

Zoroastrian Monuments of Karakalpakstan - Central Asia Travel

Alan-Kala Fortress. Ustyurt Plateau - Central Asia Travel

Beliuli Caravanserai. Ustyurt Plateau - Central Asia Travel

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