Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kungrad Soda Ash Plant - Update

The Kungrad soda plant has a capacity to manufacture 102 thousand tons of soda annually. A Major expansion of the facility now underway (2013-2015) is set to double the annual production output to 200 thousand tons. The proposed expansion being carried out by Uzkimyosanoat JSC and the Chinese company CITIC. The project funded by a loan provided by People’s Republic of China in the amount of $81.7 million USD. Besides the Chinese Eximbank loan, the project worth a total of $110 million USD will be financed by a loan from the Reconstruction and Development Fund and Uzhimprom's own funds.

The plant capacity will be expanded by increasing the production of limestone in the Jamansay quarry and technical salt at the resource base of the Kungard soda plant at Barsakelmes. Explored reserves of the Barsakelmes salt field exceed 130 million tons of salt, and the Dzhamansay limestone deposit around 70 million tons.

The main domestic consumers of soda plant are enterprises producing household chemicals and building materials, including the production of various types of glass. Currently the needs of the domestic market were estimated at 70-80 million tons, the remaining volume to be exported.

In 2013 Kungrad soda plant (Ustyurt) exported 22,000 tons of Soda Ash and 78,000 tons of technical salt and limestone to foreign customers. Currently product is exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. An additional 70 employees, mostly graduates of Kungrad Chemical Engineering College were employed in 2013.

This year (Expected to be commision in October 2014) the facility will also start producing quality iodized salt. The raw material will be extracted from Koraumbet salt deposit, not far from the enterprise. The production line, employing an additional 35 technical staff will produce some 10 thousand tons of iodized salt per year.

A further expansion of the production: with the start of commissioning process line for the production of hyper-pressed limestone bricks with a capacity of 20 million pieces a year is also scheduled in the second half of 2014 which will provide a further 65 technical jobs and in 2015, the plant also plans to start significant glass production (30 percent which is planned to be exported).


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