Friday, March 7, 2014

Tebinbulak titanium-magnetite mine to be developed Amu darya Rayon

A 3.1 billion USD project for the development of titanium-magnetite ores by Uzbekistan's Uzmetkombinat at the Tebinbulak deposit on the Sultan Uiz Dag Ridge in Southern Karakalpakstan (Amu Darya Rayon) has been initiated.

Russia's JSC Uralmekhanobr based in Ekaterinburg last year issued a positive opinion of the technical feasibility of the project. The State Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources has indicated that the mining complex will have a production capacity of some 14.7 million tons of iron ore, as well as further development of up to 1.5 million tons of base iron products annually. Total est. reserves 5 billion tonnes. The field in addition contains valuable titanium and vanadium ore deposits. (Ore has 16.5% Iron content,Titanlium doxide 2% and Vanadium Pentoxide 0.15% content). The project being financed by foreign loans and funding from the Uzbek Government. The Tebinbulak field was discovered in 1937 is similar in type to the Kachkanar field in the South Urals (see
Kachkanar Mine Urals

Update: Uzbek Metallurgical Industrial complex (Uzmetkombinat) plans to start the development of the titanium magnetic ores deposit Tebinbulak this year.  The project is valued at $600 million. It is approved by the Government of Uzbekistan and considers the creation of productive capacity by 2021 and construction of a metallurgical complex on the output of 500 thousand tons of steel products a year.


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