Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sarygamysh Lake

The Sarygamysh Lake, also Sarykamysh or Sary-Kamysh (Turkmen: Sarygamyş köli, Uzbek: Sariqamish ko‘li, Russian: Сарыкамы́шское озеро) is a lake situated on the border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It is geographically located approximately midway between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea.

Lake Sarygamysh was fed, up to the 17th century, by the Uzboy River, a distributary of the Amu Darya River, which continued on to the Caspian Sea. The name of the lake comes from Turkmen word sarykamysh 'reed.'

Sattelite Image of Lake Sarygamysh: The northwest quarter of the lake is in the Repubic of Karakalpakstan (Uzbekistan), while the rest is part of  Turkmenistan. Tan colored sediments can be seen entering the lake by its eastern shores. The Amu Darya River, bordered by fertile green land in contrast with the surrounding arid landscape, can be observed. Use of water from the Amu Darya for irrigation has been a major contributing factor in the growth of the Sarygamysh that receives irrigation drainage and to the shrinking of the Aral Sea since the late 1950s.

Sarygamysh Lake GPS Coordinates are 42°00′N 57°20′E / 42.000°N 57.333°E / 42.000; 57.333.The lake has a surface area ca. 5,000 km²  and surface elevation of 5 m. Go to Satelite Link
for a closer view.

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