Sunday, December 21, 2014

Antique maps incorporating the Aral Sea

Portions of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE in Eastern and Western Asia. 1. The Aral Sea according to Khanikoff. 2. Kamchatka according to A. Erman by Augustus PETERMANN.
Publisher: The Royal Illustrated Atlas of Modern Geography.. Fullarton & Co. c.1850. Plate 8. Steel engraving. Hand coloured. Two maps on one sheet, one showing the Aral Sea, and the other showing Kamchatka. There are three vignettes to the left depicting the Kirghiz people from near the Aral Sea, and three vignettes of Kamchatkan life to the right. Below the maps is a view of 'Petropaulovski', a port in Kamchatka.

Asian Russia -West Siberia- Lake Aral byJacob KUYPER                                        
'Aziatisch Rusland. Aral Meer en omstreken.' (Asian Russia. Lake Aral and surroundings).This lithographed map originates from: 'Wereld-atlas voor Kantoor en Huiskamer' (transl: World Atlas for the office and living room),
Publisher:  Jacob Kuyper (1821 - 1908), Dutch cartographer, published in 1880 - 1882 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by G. L. Funke.The overall size is ca. 19 x 24 cm. The image size is ca. 15 x 20.5 cm. Lithograph on a vellin type of paper.

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