Saturday, December 13, 2014

Asian Football Cup 2015 - Uzbekistan Matches Group B

The AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 competition will kick off on 9 January 2015. It will be a three week 32 match festival of football between Asia's best 16 nations.
Uzbekistan are favourites to top Group B. An emerging strength in Asia Football Uzbekistan reached the semi final stage of the last Asian Cup in 2011. Their physical strength and aggressive style of play can only be matched by Australia, and with technical players like the Uzbek Maradona, Server Djeparov, as well as Azizbek Haydarov, the midfield is very strong. The forwards are still not perfect but still can perform well. Competing against them are a weakened Saudi Arabia however they can't be discounted as they have a lot of talented players and made the final of the Asia Cup in 2007. China likewise have also invested heavily in football in recent years and its team will try hard to progress past the first round and then there is North Korea who are the wildcard of the group and can play good football on the day and will need to be checked.

Uzbekistan vs North Korea

10 January 2015
18:00 UTC+11
Uzbekistan Vs North Korea

Saudi Arabia vs China

10 January 2015
19:00 UTC+10
Saudi Arabia Vs China PR

North Korea vs Saudi Arabia

China vs Uzbekistan

14 January 2015
19:00 UTC+10
China PR Vs Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan vs Saudi Arabia

China vs North Korea

18 January 2015
20:00 UTC+11
China PR Vs North Korea

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Editors Note : Please note that all official Asian Cup (ie FIFA) links have now been removed due to the fact that the first page we put up was pulled down (when they were included).



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