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Medieval Scientists of the East

Biographical details of Medieval Scientists of the East from the International conference “Historical heritage of the scientists and philosophers of the medieval East, its role and importance for the modern civilization” held in Tashkent in April 2014. Go to website medieval-scientists-of-the-east and click on each scientist for more detailed information.

Abu Abdalloh Muhamad ibn Musa al Khorazmi : about 783–847. Mathematician, astronomer, geographer and historian, creator of algebra.
Abu Nasr Mansur ibn Iraq : Died mid 9th century, Khorezm, Ghazna. Mathematician and astronomer.
Abul-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kasir al Farghani: about 798-865. Astronomer, mathematician, and engineer.
Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad Beruni: Born 973 in Kyat. Died in 1048 in Gazna. Encyclopaedist, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, physicist, geologist, pharmacologist, historian, linguist, founder of geodesy.
Aby Mansur Qumri : Lived in the 10th century, Bukhara. Prominent physician, teacher of Avicenna in medical science.
Abu Sahl Masihi : 970-971 to 1011. Gurgan. Astronomer, mathematician, physician and linguist.
Khorezmi Kasi : Lived in the 9th century. Scientist and Chemist.
Muhammad b. Najib Bahran : Lived during the 12th-13th centuries. A well-known geographer in the government of Annushteginid Khorezm-Shahs.
Shihab ad-din Abdallah b. Lutfallah b. Abd ar- Rashid al- Haravi nicknamed as Hafiz-i Abru. Died in 1430. A well-known historian and geographer of the epoch of the Temurids.
Nizamaddin Abdalvasi Shami: Died in 1411, Tabriz. A historian and biographer of Amir Temur
Muinaddin Natanzi  Born second half of the 14th c. and died first quarter of the 15th c. Historian.
Ahmad Yungnaki : Lived in the 12th-13th centuries. Philologist, Philosopher, Expert of the Islamic sciences
Alisher Navoi : Born in Herat 1441 – Died 1501. Great poet and thinker, statesman, and considered the founder of Uzbek literature.
Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur : Born in Andajan 1483 , Died in Agra in 1530. Great poet and writer, public figure, scholar, lexicographer, linguist and literary critic.
Yusuf Khas Hajib Balasaguni : Born 1016/18. Died end of the 9th c. Scholar and lexicographer, poet and philosopher.
Mahmud ibn al-Xuseyn ibn Muhamed Kashghari: Lived 1029-1101.  Encyclopedic Scientist, lexicographer, linguist, ethnographer, folklorist, geographer, historian, founder of Turkology.
Giyasiddin Jamshid ibn Mas’ud Qashi : Died in 1430. Mathematician and astronomer.
Mahmud Chagmini : Lived from the 12-13th Century. Astronomer, mathematician and geographer.
Abu Ali Ibn Sina : Born 980, village Afshan. Died in 1037, Hamadan. Scholar and lexicographer, philosopher, physician, pharmacologist, astronomer, mathematician, chemist, musicologist, writer, lawyer, poet.
Sharafaddin ali Yazdi : Died in 1454, in Taft, Horasan. An all-round scholar, astronomer, philosopher, historian, the investigater of science problems.
Fasih Havafi : Born 1375, Rui. Died 1442, Herat.  Historian, poet, politician.
Fahriddin Razi : Lived 1148-1210. Philosopher, logician, linguist, medical specialist.
Mahmud Zamahshari : Born 1075 Zamahshar, Died 1144, Gurganj. Scientist.
Ala ad-Din Ali ibn Muhammad al-Qushchi : Born 1402, Samarqand. Died 1474, Istanbul. Astronomer, mathematician, and geographer.
Yusuf ibn Yusuf at-tabib al-Khiravi : Born at the end of the 15th c.in  Khaf. Died in Delhi 1544. Medical scientist, skilful physician, lexicographer, and poet.
Giyasaddin Nakkash. Died Second half of the 15th century, Yezd.  An artist and historian of the Temurids’ epoch.
Abd ar-Razzak Samarkandi : Lived 1413-1482.  A well-known historian of the epoch of the Temurids
Giyasiddin ibn Humamaddin al-Huseyn, nicknamed Khandamir : Born 1476, Herat – Died in 1535, Mandu. Historian, writer, poet, politician.
Mukhammadrizo mirab ibn Erniyazbek Agakhi : Born 1809 Kiyat – Died 1874, Khiva. Statesman, poet, historian, translator.
Shirmuhammad mirab ibn Avazby Muniz : Born 1778 Kiyat, Died in 1829, Khorasan. Statesman, poet, historian and translator.
Ismail Jurjani : Born Jurjan 1042. Died Merv 1036. Renowned physician.
Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Khorezmi. Died in 997. Encyclodedist scientist, philosopher, historian , astronomer, mathematician, chemist, expert in Islamic Studies.
Mirza Muhammad Taraghay ibn Shahrukh ibn Timur. Born 1394, Sultaniyeh. Died 1449, Samarkand. Astronomer, mathematician, geographer, historian.

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