Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Helicopter Mi-8 MTV for Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways has purchased for 12.7 million an Mi-8 MTV-1 multi-purpose helicopter produced in Kazan in Russia. Unique in its functionality it will be soon added to the existing air fleet of the Special Aerial Works division of Uzbekistan Airways.
The Mi-8 MTV-1 is a unique multi-purpose helicopter, based at the Mi-8T model. The helicopter as a cargo helicopter can transport up to 4,000 kg of various kinds of cargo either inside the cabin or on an external sling. Used as a passenger helicopter is can carry up to 26 passengers & crew and boasts low levels of noise and vibration, is fitted with cabin climate-control systems, and has emergency exits that meet the latest safety standards. Everything is designed to ensure passenger in-flight comfort and safety.

Mi-8 helicopters are built at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and by Kazan Helicopters. More than 12,000 Mi-8 helicopters have been produced to date – a record for twin-engine helicopters anywhere in the world. They have been supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide and racked up total flying time of about 100 million hours.


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