Monday, June 30, 2014

History shows that parched Aral Sea can be restored - New Scientist

The Aral Sea has lost 90 per cent of its volume since 1960 (Image: NASA)

In less than a century, humanity destroyed the Aral Sea. It is one of the most emblematic environmental disasters. In 1961, the Aral Sea in central Asia was the world's fourth largest lake. But massive irrigation programmes begun during the Soviet era diverted water from the rivers that feed it, reducing the lake's volume to just 10 per cent of what it was and leaving large areas dry.

Geologists have now discovered that the Aral Sea has previously recovered naturally from such severe declines. The sea has collapsed at least twice before, and has recovered both times. To read more go to the  article by Jeff Hetch (New Scientist 23-05-14)  History-shows-that-parched-aral-sea-can-be-restored

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